New Proxy proposal -- targeting foreign students coming from China

GFW control the data transfer to foreign countries. The proper way to cross the Firewall is to use proxy-like software. As a foreign student coming from China, I understand that proxy to those planning on studying abroad is like water to fish.

Building a efficient proxy is never easy, yet it is not hard when you have a team. Current proxy model faces multiple problems, including the IP blocking, domain problem. This proposal is focus on building a distributed system for proxy. In the distributed system, it will use multiple IPs, each IP uses a different key to encrypted the connections. The client should be able to jamming firewall, misleading firewall.

Wether or not there are partners with me, I will currently focus on this project as a practice for the programming language I studied, C and Python. If you are interested in this small project, feel free to leave a comment below. ( I don’t feel like giving those online salesman my e-mail address.) I will contact you as soon as possible.